Food, an Essential Basic Need
Food, an Essential Basic Need



CLF aims to alleviate human suffering by offering a better and suitable alternative whilst changing the lives of people around the world without regard to gender, age, ethnicity or political or religious association. Through our pioneering and innovative work we help people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. We distribute food, clothing, and basic living amenities to anyone who comes to the attention of the charity.

Although we began as a homeless charity, today we work with people suffering all types of social exclusion by reaching out into communities across the country. In the future, we aim to offer specialist support services for women and families, dedicated recovery centres, temporary and long-term accommodation opportunities, and employment and volunteering opportunities.


CLF operates a food bank, and serves hot and cold meals to anyone who is in need. Through the food bank there are systematic distributions of food parcels to the homeless and needy in the community. From time to time, tinned products and non-perishable items are organised for communities overseas.


Our education projects are targeted at providing community education centres, libraries and facilities for schools and colleges. Also providing basic school supplies for children to support those attending schools.


The foundation works with all communities and less privileged people with the aim of helping them realise their potential in the world and change the lives of others; and with your support, we have the potential to help them do it. From fundraising events to corporate donations, the foundation will ensure that every gift goes towards helping those who need it most.   

Donated items are sorted and processed for distribution by volunteers, Postage rates vary depending on destination and are dependent on quotes from couriers.

Getting involved with CLF makes a difference to the lives of the people the organisation is working with. Each year the foundation relies on the generosity of the public to raise half of the funding it needs to carry out its work.